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Our simple 5 step process takes your project from a simple model to the most realistic 3D presentation possible!

By starting with your model, we can bring your vision to life in the fastest and most cost effective fashion.


1. An evaluation and concrete estimates: Send us your architectural drawings and a brief description of the project, and we will provide you an estimate for the cost of production of your realistic 3D presentation.


Naturally, we can also include enhancements to your base model if required, or even prepare a full 3D database communicating the design conditions of the architecture or interior exactly as you need, referring to your elevations, plans, and sections.

2. The basic renderings: Next, we generate a few renderings without any texturing in order to make sure that the model is accurate and to have you approve the proper camera angle to be used for the final rendered images.


3. Photo-realistic images: We then generate a photo-realistic image of the proposed structure, simulating any texture or floor pattern you desire (stone, brick, marble, etc...). Just show us photographs of material samples, mood boards or any other format you have to describe the finishes of surfaces. This alternative gives you a competitive edge to communicate with your client the project's realistic outcome.

4. Low resolution visuals: Now it's time for you to see low-resolution images of the 3D model and to have the opportunity to make modifications or add comments to the 3D model or modify the material finishes before the final rendering is produced in 4k resolution.

5. The finishing touch: Upon completion of the image, photo retouching, such as adding people and landscaping

(exteriors only), will be applied to the model and is an essential step in creating a realistic and lively final presentation.

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